Monday, March 14, 2011

Keeping desktop clean – Can speed up your Mac

Most of my readers ask me if keeping the Mac desktop clean can make their mac faster. And I say, yes, it can. But please remember that it will help only the users of pre-Leopard Macs . Since in Leopard and afterwards Apple has changed the way dock icons are managed. Thus, if you are a Leopard you can have fun with keeping icons at desktop.

Keeping your desktop as icon-free as possible is a good way to save RAM, because of the way Apple decided to deal with desktop icons. Each of the icons on your desktop is a fully fledged window that will use your Mac’s RAM memory.

Thus, if you just download everything on your Mac’s desktop and never clean it up, you will notice a sensible boost in your Mac’s performance once you will move all 700 and something images and documents from your desktop to a folder of your choice.

Other than desktop icons , some other items are also there which can reduce the mac speed and performance. These include the binary files, unused language files, cache or temporary files etc. The removal of this type of files avails a lot of free space on hard drive and ultimately a faster Mac machine. Recently I have used a third party tool named Stellar speed up Mac for removing such unused data.

Its a very easy to use application and is applicable to all the latest versions of Mac. I have speed up my Mac to manifolds using this Mac tool.

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